Too Ease

This post will not contain it.
I must insist on it. Cant say so much for this blog tho.
A world without it, it can occur. (why would you want that tho?)
My thoughts will not submit to it, no way no how.
I am in control of it, it’s not that hard.
this ain’t nuttin’….it ain’t no thang playa!
But go on and admit it….it’s sooo damn majorly cool!
You cant say you wont miss it,
A land without _ _ is just too darn sad. 😦

It should Stay.


It’s awfully hard to portray anything in English without using any “E’s.” I was trying to do it for a bit, but it didn’t tay clong until I startid chi-ting. Although, I do hav a gnu apprishiashun for how malia bowl thuh inglish laingwidj iz.

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