My burning hands – a cautionary tale

I’ve got kimchi problem.
I’ve got hot pepper drama.
I’ve got the goodness gracious my fingers are on fire blues.

I recently discovered the wonders of making my own kimchi and I have been making about a batch a week. Soo many friends and family so little kimchi. I had a pair of unused disposable plastic gloves and decided to wear them today for mixing my kimchi.  I’ve seen other use gloves and seemed more fun.

It didnt happen right away.  I made 2 batches and happily packaged them to gift to friends.  I made lunch, ate it and was cleaning up the mess in the kitchen when i started noticing a slight burning sensation on my thumb.  I thought perhaps I burn it on the skillet without noticing bc it was a tiny spot.  30 maybe 40 minutes later, it’s now full blown and on all 10 fingers.  (cry cry.)

I’ve tried many options : olive oil, vinegar, milk, dish soap, alcohol and finally bleach.  All of these brought on temporary relief but the burning eventually came back.  This is now my form of relief (see pic below) as I wait for the slow agony of time to bring me back my formally happy carefree fingers.

Lesson here:  USE A SPATULA!  OR HEAVY DUTY GLOVES when making kimchi.  Sorry, that was my fingers screaming.


Gloved fingers with olive oil on a ice pack. (Look sad, dont they?)

Dearest Kimchi,
Even tho you hurt me, I still love you.  There’s got to be a bit of fire in every good relationship to keep thing exciting. The passion between us is undeniable and the best part of this will be the making up.  We are stronger for it.  xoxo, 2e.  

Egg Age

I just had to reshare this post by Polyface Hen House.  It is such a crazy awesome way to use science to teach us about nature.  I have an odd feeling that I learned this in school but I was more interested in boys than eggs.

I hope you enjoy at much at I do.


Egg age chart

Now, let’s have a little fun.


I was a little nervous going into this because if it’s super old, I’d have to stop buying my eggs from Costco which saves me tons of money.  Phew, I think I’m safe!
let’s see your eggs.

Hot yoga, Smelly towels no more!

I really love hot yoga.  I began going in conjuncture with my marathon training because it was the only thing that kept my knee and ankle pain away (really helps strengthen joint muscles when done on regular basis).  Also with continuous sessions, I’d feel calm, relaxed, taller even.  I’d have better posture. I’d eat healthier to have better sessions.  My lungs capacity greatly improved.  The problem was the better I felt, the smellier I became…my gear that is.

Recently, I decided to go back.  I missed it but of course, my towels are stinktified again!

This time I fought back.  Here’s how… Vinegar BABY~

1. Put your smellies into the washer with reeeeally HOT HOT water and 1-2 Cups of Vinegar BABY!  Wash.
2. Wash again regularly as you normally would a second round with detergent and make sure to dry completely.

So easy, I wish I wasn’t so lazy with googling the first time around.  I hope this post helps someone.