-i drool way too much for someone past 4.
-i cant watch the food network
-there’s a scene in the movie The Women where after meg ryan finds out her husband is cheating on her and she searches for something bad to delve into but couldnt find anything because she lives like martha stewart and finally gives up and take bars of butter and dips it into sugar and just snacks on it.  i thought to myself, i could totally do that.  butter and sugar, yuuummm, its a good combo.

i do cook and bake but im a lazy phük and my moodiness only compels me to be inspired enough to take action only about 5% of my life (this blog is working off that percentage).  when i do cook i end up making the weirdest thing that you usually cant get for retail.  For example, I once toasted up this awwwesome sandwich using rye bread, gruyere, pb, apple slices…wait for it…..basil leaves, brilliant!  warm toasty, melty, cheesey, savory, sweet, earthy. dammit, i’m drooling. I’d totally make a bazillion beans if only i had the know-how and ambition to market and sell it. i know this bc i made it for my bbf and she went bananas!  could be because she’s my bbf but probably because it was pure genius.

Make my dishes and send me pics!!



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