Cold Coffee for Hot Summers

I’ve been spying cold brewed coffee all over the web but posts fromThug Kitchen always make me fall off my chair.

NYC has been sweltering so there is a NEED, and yes, I will list them for you.
1. lining up
2. going outside
3. getting dripped on by gross air condition water
4.brushing up against sweaty odorFUL people
5. sweaty thunderthighs rubbing together.

I can go on but I won’t since I’m also on the complain-free diet as I am on the trans fat, gmo foods and binge drinking diet.  Life can be so limiting but at least I can still have my iced joe.  I will fight you if you take my caffeine.

This one from The Pioneer Women looks especially delicious..

My problem is finding a giant container to brew the darn thing.  Who has giant containers sitting around in tiny nyc apartments??

And so finally goldeelocks picks this one from Smitten Kitchen because it is just the right size.

PLUS one debate, one video, one art for good measure –

A Hot Debate over Cold-Brewed Coffee

today im a double espresso owl

**when i’m rich as hell, i want to do something impulsive like mystery man from kindnessblog link below.