when im procrastinating, uninspired, need knowledge or bored, this is what does it for me.

The Four Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss guide to lifestyle design, saving time, accelerated learning. Also currently the author to 4 Hour Body, my current diet (slow carb diet) for which im obsessing over recipes/food everyday every 4 hours. 

The Grumpy Gardener – Steve Bender from South Living – I love his videos, he makes me chuckle.

Manger  – Mimi Thorisson presents us with gorgeous food in romantic parisian country setting.  A girl can dream.
Rachel Khoo –  stumbled upon this adorable brit through a cooking show she did with bbc2 called The little paris kitchen.  fulfills both my food and paris obsession.
Thug Kitchen – pass the soap, this sarcastic potty mouth blogger shames you into no excuses money conscious healthy food choices.
Smitten Kitchen – my all-time go-to.



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